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June 27, 2014
When to take the supplements
June 27, 2014

Seasons for Treatment

Chikitsa Samgraham copy

Seeds if sown out of season don’t sprout.  Even if they may, they won’t grow properly.  Similar is the case with treatment.  Treatment at the wrong time does not give the best results.  The Ashtavaidya ancestors chose three months as suitable for the Kerala climate:  Tulam (mid-October- mid November), Kumbham (mid February – mid March) and Karkitakam (mid July – mid August).  These were times when the cold, heat and rain were moderate.  It was based on the view that the Indian monsoon rains, hot summers and cold winters would be of normal intensity.  If there were unusual variations in the weather, the seasons for the treatments would be adjusted accordingly.  Two weeks before and after the period were considered acceptable as a second choice.

There was also the view that Kartikam was good for all cures (tri-doshic), Tulam for pitta and Kumbham for kapha disorders.

The view was that serious cases did not need to wait for the correct time, but action should be taken to protect the patient from cold, heat, rain and mist.  Minor ailments were not so dependant on the seasons.

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