When to take the supplements (2)
June 27, 2014
Ashwagandhadi Leyham
July 28, 2014

When to take the supplements (3)

Health topic When to take supplements
Poisoning, vomiting, hiccups, asthma, cough, craving for water Half hourly, hourly, two hourly
Cholera, emergent cases like syncope (Sannyasa) and loss of consciousness Frequent doses
Anorexia With appetizers
Tremors and convulsive Vata Before and after food
Ailments above the neck, regular bowel movement and sexual energy After the last meal of the day, before bed
Treatment for the eyes Before 8 am or after 4 pm
Purge 5-6 am no sleep after
Inducing vomit Mid-morning
Nourishment After food
Digestion Before, during or after food

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