Chikitsa Samgraham is a 100 year old text, originally written in Mayalam (the language of South India) by Vaidyaratanam PS Varier the most renowned and revered among those who pioneered the renaissance of Ayurveda.  The first edition was published in 1907.  The work is useful for both Ayurvedic practicioners and lay people.

The book summarizes all the popular formulas of the oils and supplements contained in the various historic Ayurvedic texts from where Tri Health takes it’s recipes.

We have therefore included extracts from the book on this site.

We do not in any way endorse this historic information given for the supplements and formulas.  We merely seek to bring this information to you in a clear manner through reproduction of material from the book*.

Chikitsa Samgraham copy

Extracts from the text.