Oil is specific for Vata (wind) disorders. As these constitute the majority of diseases, oil therapy is essential for most forms of treatment. It is indicated in diseases of the nervous system, bones and the deeper tissues. It is useful for the other doshas as well. Dr David Frawley [/blockquote]

Called “Abhyanga” oil massage has for thousands of years played an important role in Ayurvedic health care. Beyond the obvious benefits of moisturizing and nourishing the skin, oils transmit their own qualities to the body on a deep physiological and psychological level.

The unctuousness of oil serves as an antidote to many of the scourges of modern life, such as overindulgence, addictions, irregularity, constant travel, stress and loneliness. It benefits the very young and the very old, the undernourished and the over-worked.

In addition, oil massage serves as a vehicle for the subtle powers of herbs, bypassing the digestive system and transporting their properties deep within the tissues through lipid delivery.

As an indispensable preliminary to the Ayurvedic purification therapy known as Panchakarma, Abhyanga helps loosen and relocate imbalances so that they can be easily removed from the system.

Shirodhara and Pizichil are ancient and unique Ayurvedic therapies that are now gaining popularity in deluxe spas and health resorts worldwide, both by virtue of their effectiveness and their sensation of utter luxury.

In Shirodhara, warm oil is continuously and rhythmically poured on the forehead, while in Pizichil the treatment is expanded to the entire body. Shirodhara alleviates excess Vata, mental stress and nervous tension, enhances circulation in the brain, improves memory, nourishes the hair, provides sound sleep and calms the body and mind.

Even without access to a Spa, the benefits of Ayurvedic Oil Therapy can be enjoyed. Many health conscious people are making self-massage part of their daily routine.

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