Asavas and arishtams are special fermented herbal drinks in Ayurveda, not found in any other herbal tradition. They are prepared using a special yeast along with numerous herbs according to a long process of fermentation, which allows the properties of the herbs to be extracted into the liquid ferment.

Asavas and arishtams are ideal medicines because they allow for the easy absorption of herbs for those suffering from weak digestion and malabsorption, or those having ama (undigested food mass) in the digestive tract. Whatever herbs we may take, however right the prescription, must have a limited effect, if they are not properly absorbed. Tonic herbs like ashwagandha in particular may not be easily absorbed owing to their heavy nature.

Asavas and arishtams can be found using a variety of herbs relative to most health conditions. They include tonics like ashwagandha and bala, herbs for the mind like Brahmi, and herbs for women’s health issues like aloe (kumari). Asavas and arishtams work well for treating the mind and nervous system because they possess a subtle power of action. They are particularly suited for Vata dosha conditions (nervous agitation). Dosage is in small amounts.

Decoctions (aristhas) of, or powdered (asavams) herbal blends, naturally fermented with honey or raw sugar without the addition of extra alcohol.
Tri Health Ayurveda is one of the rare companies that offers an extensive line of asavas and arishtams prepared in a traditional manner by one of the most respected Ayurvedic companies in Kerala, India.

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