Decoctions of herbs infused in oil marked as dietary supplements for internal consumption. Can also be used for external application. Ayurvedic oils combine numerous herbs prepared according to specific procedures, noting the color, density and absorption capacity of the oil. Three different stages of oils are produced for either 1) internal usage, 2) basti or enemas, 3) external as body massage. We are the only Ayurvedic company in the West that is selling all three types of oils.

Avartis: Potentized Ayurvedic Oils for Internal Usage

Ayurvedic oils possess different degrees of potency based upon their method of preparation. Avartis are potentized Ayurvedic oil preparations, designed to be used internally or for nasya (through the nostrils), not externally for massage. They consist of classical Ayurvedic oils like Dhanvantara tailam prepared not once but up to a hundred times making them extremely therapeutic in small dosages.

Avartis are the most powerful of Ayurvedic oils and are immediately absorbed in the mouth and throat, which gives them an immediate affect upon the nervous system, extending into the very cells of the body. Taken as a nasya, they bring powerful herbal affects directly to the brain. Dosage is around ten to thirty drops.

Few Ayurvedic practitioners know about avartis and their important capacity for promoting deep healing. One small vial of an avarti will have the healing power of several large bottles of oil.
Tri Health Ayurveda is one of the only Ayurvedic companies in India or the world offering these unique Ayurvedic herbal oil preparations.

The following are our internal usage oils, Avartis and bastis.

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