Ayurvedic products are preparations using traditional Indian herbs taken to facilitate a health condition or out of balance dosha.

They have been developed through tradition over thousands of years.

Traditionally the ingredients were sourced from the Himalayas, due to the vital energy and soma qualities that were imparted there.  However due to the similarities to the Himalayas, many of the herbs were found to grow in the Western Ghats, a biodiverse rich mountain range, and world heritage site, of which the state of Kerala in south India falls into.

The recipes for the preparations are found in the Ancient scriptures of Ayurveda, written by Sages.  Over time herbs have become obsolete and replaced according to the experience of the tradition.


Sourcing quality Ayurvedic products is incredibly difficult.  In India it is hard to know what products can be trusted, in terms of the ingredients and safe and ethical practices adopted in manufacturing.  It is becoming increasingly more difficult to import products from India due to changes in regulations.  Tri Health strives to ensure all regulations are met.  Due to sometimes unforeseen issues, our stocks may be depleted.  However we have a new shipment and the warehouse is currently full of great products!

Ayurvedic products manufactured in the west will never have the same efficacy as the ingredients required for the recipes can not be replicated, neither can the conditions to create the same potency.  What tends to happen is other suppliers will use far less ingredients, and the results will not be the sae.

Tri Health goes to great lengths to ensure the products are of the highest quality.  We make regular visits to the family run business in Kerala to ensure the same high quality continues.