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Tri Health offers America's largest range of quality Ayurvedic formulas and herbal massage oils from Kerala, India.  

Oils serve as a vehicle for the subtle power of herbs. Precious nutrients and healing properties can be effectively transported deep within the cells via lipid delivery, through the application of oil, vitalizing the skin in the process.

In Kerala, the Ayurvedic art of preparing herbal oils has reached its fullest flowering. Nowhere else have oils been empowered, through tradition, research and revelation over the centuries, to act on such a range of health topics with such effectiveness.

Our products include many traditional formulas such as kwaths, leyhams & rasayanas, choornas, arishtams etc. and a wide selection of herbal oils. They follow the recipes from the traditional Ayurvedic scriptures written by the ancient sages. They are based on the wisdom of nature and thousands of years of tradition.

Tri Health is the choice of America's Ayurvedic Practitioners.


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  • Dasamoolarishtam


  • Black Sesame

    Black Sesame Oil

  • Prabhanjanam Thailam


  • Mahanarayana Thailam

    Mahanarayana Thailam

  • Ksheerabala Thailam

    Ksheerabala Thailam

  • dhanwantaram

    Dhanwantharam Thailam