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S ince 1993, Tri Health has played a leading role in bringing the knowledge and practice of the unique therapies of Ayurveda to the West. One important role is our emphasis on the Therapy of Pancha Karma which forms the fundamental basis of Ayurvedic treatment. This line of treatment emphasizes the importance of cleaning the body channels (srotas) by eliminating (shodana) the metabolic waste products (malas). This approach is unique to Ayurveda. Even before a therapy of herbs, drugs and diet can be effective, an internal purification of the body is first required. As the old saying goes, "If the cloth isn't clean, the dye won't catch". Pancha Karma Therapy relates not only to the curative conditions but to the preventive and promotive conditions as well. Tri Health offers the largest and most extensive line of products in the United States for the application of these procedures. Kerala is the region in India which has kept this important component of Ayurveda, Pancha Karma Therapy, alive. This practice has survived in Kerala in some form for the last 600 years while gradually declining in other parts of India. Today it is this Kerala tradition which is now inspiring the Ayurvedic world as a whole to revive the classical Pancha Karma Therapy.

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Organic is not enough...

Ayurvedic products consist of numerous herbs in special preparations that have been developed over the centuries. Ayurvedic products should be authentically produced according to traditional Ayurvedic pharmaceutical guidelines. Ayurvedic products made in the West seldom follow these guidelines, as the West does not have a comparable industry to make such complex preparations. Yet few Ayurvedic products imported from India are produced according to these guidelines either. Being organic and part of fair trade procedures, however valuable, does not guarantee that a product is made according to authentic Ayurvedic procedures. Ours are entirely authentic Ayurvedic products produced by one of the oldest, most famous most respected Ayurvedic companies in Kerala, India and supplied to many Ayurvedic doctors and hospitals in the country. Make sure to purchase “Authentic Ayurvedic Products”, and do not make the mistake of confusing Organic with Authentic. Read more about our manufacturing process.